Additional Services

At Dubai World Trade Centre, we are committed to providing end-to-end integrated services for our exhibitors. Here are even more options to make your experience successful.

Accredited, professional security staff

At Dubai World Trade Centre, your safety and security are our top priority during every exhibition. We maintain security teams, both male and female, with access to the most up-to-date security hardware and software. They are trained to keep an eye on traffic patterns as well as individual visitors. Rest assured our entire premises is also under 24-hour surveillance.

Regular hosts to large crowds, royal visits and state functions, our dedicated security personnel are also available as additional support for your stand. You might find you need additional security for high-profile, public or media events where crowd control is critical, such as press conferences or meetings with a large number of invitees. Our security staff can advise if you have any concerns. You can rest assured you are in safe hands.

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Parking for the duration of the exhibition

Our Exhibitor Parking Package offers you a convenient reserved parking space in one of our multi-storey car parks, complete with multiple-entry access. On any day of the show, you can drive to Dubai World Trade Centre with total confidence that you won’t experience delays finding a bay among our more than 7,000 on site.

Working closely with Dubai Police and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), we also manage major traffic patterns for each of the shows we host, ensuring seamless access for visitors and minimum interruption to traffic flow. We also manage our multiple car parks, as well as the dedicated VIP and valet parking areas at the main entrances. All of this is handled effectively, without compromising our friendly service and hospitality.

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Banners & signage solutions that elevate your brand

Our turnkey, tailored branding solutions are here to ensure your brand stays top-of-mind. We use only the highest-quality printing techniques and the most premium material, deployed with the latest display systems.

Whether you are looking for standard, portable roll-up and pop-up banners in a variety of sizes, or something more customised like a hanging box, wall-mounted board or forex board, we’ve got it covered. Simply select the type and size of banner. Then send us your designs, and our team will put things into action. Alternatively, if you’d like us to create designs for you, our team is happy to offer that service.
We are experienced in many specialised and high-tech signage options.

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Flower arrangements that provide the finishing touch

Nothing says “high-end” like fresh exotic flowers gracing just the right corner or tabletop at your stand. With our versatile flower arranging service, you will feel inspired to decorate and design your stands and spaces in a variety of ways.

Choose from something elegant yet compact such as rosebuds or hydrangea in a cube-shaped vase. Or express your inner artist with bold, unforgettable arrangements featuring orchids and lilies, suitable for meeting rooms and welcome areas.
Explore our wide selection of options on our Event Plus e-commerce site.

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