Keep your event fresh at a time that suits you with our efficient janitorial service

Taking care of the basics

Event cleaning services at Dubai World Trade Centre take your schedule into consideration. We understand your professional image relies on a spotless, well-maintained venue. Our trained and thorough housekeeping department provide a nightly service with a quick turnaround. Cleaning is carried out the evening before opening, not during regular exhibition hours, and is performed at midnight on all succeeding days.

Our basic cleaning service includes everything necessary to keep your stand polished, ensuring the high standards you expect from a world-class venue. We also offer stand hygiene packs with essentials like disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues and fragrance sticks. Select your cleaning package on the Event Plus site.


Keeping the environment in mind

Dubai World Trade Centre is working towards increased sustainability and reducing the impact of our events on the environment. We aim to recycle as much waste material as possible with constant improvements and efficiency.

Talk to our team about our waste management services when planning your next stand. We can allocate additional staff and services such as laundry, bins for gangways and waste skips.