From standard installations to complex event structures, leave it to the professionals

Tailored solutions without compromise

From initial event planning though to bespoke rigging and truss solutions, we have the expertise and inventory to deliver on any scale. Whether you need a major installation for a full scale production or something as simple as hanging banners, our teams will handle all your rigging requirements in-house.

In order to ensure a safe environment for organisers, contractors and visitors alike, DXB Live, our event management division is the sole provider of all top and primary rigging at the venue. Our certified teams follow industry standard best rigging practices and only use rated and approved rigging hardware.


Secure lighting, signage and structures for your event.

With detailed knowledge of the venue and its infrastructure, our teams are experienced in delivering rigging for a range of events. We’ll combine your rigging plan with our teams of audiovisual and technology experts who can orchestrate a symphony of light, sound and motion.

Whether it’s hanging branding and signage for exhibitions, hi-tech light grids, aerial and overhead performance rigging or custom truss design, we’ll create the right plan making sure it’s within health and safety standards.