The shape of things to come: INDEX in pictures

The shape of things to come: INDEX in pictures

Packed with geometric shapes, 3D patterns and striking asymmetry, this year’s INDEX is back with a bang. Catch the main show highlights in our vibrant picture gallery


  • Architecture
  • Arts & Culture

1. Meblobuk

In today’s world of interiors, style knows no boundaries. Where else would you find a modern Polish company using an ancient Japanese technique? These small wooden tables use the shou sugi ban art of wood burning to create this striking finish. After two treatments, each piece is dried and permeated with oil to preserve its look. Priced from 800 AED, from Meblobuk.​​


2. Gie El

Many designers are combining state-of-the-art manufacturing with traditional and timeless style. For its ‘Bird’ light installation, design house Gie El laser cuts steel shapes and leaves them outside to acquire a natural rust finish. Available in a range of sizes, this design retails at AED 32,500.


3. Exhibitor Handcrafts of Vietnam

Exhibitor Handcrafts of Vietnam has been importing interior decorations from its factory in Hanoi for a decade. Priced at AED 1,000, this wood and lacquer ornamental swirl is a key product for the company at this year’s show. The pair of circular table features, priced at AED 500, also makes a stylish addition to any room.


4. Vzor

During the 1950s, the creations of Polish furniture designer Roman Modzelewski went against Communist taste, and thus never received recognition – or indeed sales – during his lifetime. In 2012, however, a company called Vzor acquired the licence to recreate his original blueprints for sale in today’s global market. These contemporary reproductions retail from around AED 1,400.


5. Enne

This marble coffee table from Enne, a Turkish company specialising in contemporary interiors, is smooth, sleek and stylish. It’s also practical with multiple layers and arrangements that can be integrated into each version. Price AED 56,700.

6. Lucea

Turkish lighting specialist and first-time INDEX exhibitor, Lucea blows air into crystal to create the tiny bubbles in these delicate chandelier fittings. This product is also customisable, enabling customers to choose and create the size and effect they want. This large-scale version costs AED 25,000.


7. Hydro Marble

3D textures can enhance the look and feel of many items, especially flooring. These crushed marble tiles from French company Hydro Marble, come in ten different colours and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Priced at AED 365 per square metre, their natural cooling properties also make them an ideal surround for swimming pools.


8. Brass Light International

Contemporary interpretations of Islamic patterns and styles are at the forefront of Brass Light International’s current creations. This three-bulb piece comes in metal finishes including brass, steel and aluminium, and retails at AED 4,500.


9. Pladtec

Portugese company Pladtec offers decorative 3D wall panels in a variety of materials and techniques. From copper leaf to walnut wood, there’s a strong focus on texture, too, with prices starting from AED 200. Options also include sound-absorbing and aromatically infused panels.


10. Deesawat

Extending your style from the home to the garden is an important consideration when creating a complete lifestyle experience. This quirky tree-style bench adds that touch of personality that purely functional garden furniture often lacks. Made in Thailand from teak wood, it costs AED 7,400.


11. Brass Light International

Customers can choose the words and the language to be inscribed on Brass Light International’s wall clocks and decorative light fittings. This sleek black timepiece, however, featuring verses from the Qur’an, is a best seller just as it is. Price on request.

12.Green Home Design

For its wooden taps and shower units, Green Home Design applies similar epoxy coatings to those used to waterproof products in the yachting industry. The company’s shower unit retails at AED 1,800, while its chrome-finish and gold-plated taps cost AED 1,300 and AED 2,700, respectively.