Ten products to inspire your GITEX visit

Ten products to inspire your GITEX visit

From counterfeit detectors to flying taxis, we shine a spotlight on some of the key highlights at this year’s show


  • Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Innovation

1. Panasonic: Autonomous Living Space Cabin

Panasonic’s Autonomous Living Space Cabin provides a glimpse into the future of design-led technology. Featuring four modes – Family, Entertainment, Relaxation and Private – the cabin, which is designed for autonomous, driverless cars, uses sophisticated technology to transform the vehicle’s interior into a luxurious, sensory space. Transparent window displays allow passengers to enjoy a variety of visual experiences. There is also a lighting system that sets the mood, an LED-display system that allows light to pass through real wood panels, and ambient-inducing scents that combine to create a truly multi-sensory experience.

2. Zeropass: Portable Counterfeit Detector

At only 144mm long, the small but mighty Portable Counterfeit Detector from Zeropass combines advanced technology with compact visual design. While giant strides in technology are easing fraudulent currency production, this nifty gadget enables even small businesses to validate the legitimacy of cash quickly and reliably. At $45 (AED165) the battery-operated device is affordable, and requires no special skills or training to operate. Simply insert the bank note, and advanced and accumulated algorithm technology, together with UV and infrared light, will instantly assess its authenticity.

3. HYPERVSN: Integrated 3D Holographic Display System

HYPERVSN captivates crowds with its stunning display of transformed light. Featuring the highest quality 3D technology, its integrated 3D holographic display system is a complete system for creating, displaying and managing hologram-like visuals. Based in London, HYPERVSN’s user-friendly technology also allows users to create and customise unique 3D content with no special skills. Anyone can use it. And at only 2.8kg, it’s also portable and easy to set up, making it ideal for use in retail, entertainment, education and even medicine.

4. Christie: 3D Projection Mapping

Taking projection mapping to a whole new level, Christie’s integrated 3D Projection Mapping technology brings otherwise inanimate objects to life in an explosion of light and colour. Images are crisp, clean and detailed for a truly realistic experience that goes beyond the arts and entertainment. Those who have had the opportunity to visit The Dubai Frame will have seen this incredible technology in action for themselves, as 50 projectors bring the experience to life through the powerful manipulation of light and colour on the building’s surface.

5. Export Support Centre of Perm Region, Russia: Robot Promoter

Meet Robot Promoter: the virtual consultant developed not only to entertain with its comical expressions, but to help gather, process and issue information. Developed by the Export Support Centre of Perm region, Russia, this – the product’s fourth generation iteration – uses face, gender, age and voice recognition technology, as well as AI, to self-improve. Unlike your traditional tour guide, Robot Promoter never forgets a face. And it’s already being used at banking and financial services company, Sberbank, in Russia to process new account applications. Retailing at approximately $25,000 (AED91,823), we can expect to see more of these friendly faces in the future.

6. MRESENSCE by Eccocarrier: Augmented Reality Training Platform

Telecommunications and video conferencing have come a long way, but Ecocarrier from Canada takes it one step further. MRESENCE: Mixed Reality Presence uses a combination of technologies to create a unique ‘enablement platform’ that facilitates online learning interactions among students in real time, and seemingly ‘in real life’. Overcoming the difficulties involved in delivering complex training via telecoms or video, MRESENCE uses augmented reality to allow experts to connect with learners over geographical distances and be ‘present’ with them when assisting with step-by-step support. All you need is a basic smartphone and a 3G connection.

7. Timekettle: WT2 Real-Time Wearable Translator

It no longer needs to be Greek to you with WT2, a first-of-its-kind, real-time, wearable translator, designed by the multi-award winning AI-tech company Timekettle. Supporting 20 languages, and starting from just $199 (AED731), WT2 features built-in wireless communication technology, intelligent algorithms and voice translation – all neatly packed into the two earphone pieces and self-charging case. Three communication modes allow you to have face-to-face conversations ranging from the simple to the more complex. At last – a truly global society.

8. Dubai Municipality: Flying Rescuer

Dubai Municipality has developed the Flying Rescuer: the latest innovation for the Coastal Rescue and Safety System run by Dubai Municipality, designed to be the first responder in drowning situations. Featuring a double fan, and capable of carrying a load of 8kg, it can be remote controlled or launched on ‘auto pilot’ to follow a pre-determined path. The Flying Rescuer is also fitted with two cameras, one for live video transmission up to 1km from the control point for precise navigation, and the other to ensure the safe and accurate deployment of rescue buoys or rafts to swimmers in distress.

9. RTA: Autonomous Taxi

The Roads and Transport Authority has unveiled its much-anticipated autonomous taxi. The vehicle features top safety and security standards, as well as cameras and sensors that can view traffic and road conditions to control the vehicle and avoid collisions. The taxi is being hailed as an ideal "last-mile solution", helping commuters connect with mass transport systems such as Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram.

10. Dubai Police: Hoverbike S3

To see Dubai Police’s second generation Hoverbike S3 is to stare into the eyes of the future. Featuring a new, monocoque frame in black carbon fibre, the bike weighs just 114kg and can reach a top speed of approximately 96km/hour. Capping the height range at 5m for safety reasons, the bike can make dashes up to 30 to 40 minutes at a time between charges and can be flown either with a pilot, or operated remotely in ‘drone’ mode. A portable charging pack enables charging in just 2.5 hours. The bike retails from Russian manufacturers, Hoversurf, from $150,000 (AED550,942).