In pictures: wedding sets for women


In pictures: wedding sets for women

With a focus on bridal sets, this year’s VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show is a romantic, yet dazzling affair. See the main highlights in our latest picture gallery



1 Salem Elshueibi Jewellery

Even the most modern bride needs a sense of tradition. This stunning two-kilogram gold chest piece is adorned with emeralds, rubies and pearls, making it the showstopping centerpiece of any Emirati wedding jewellery set. Add a delicate diamond-encrusted gold belt and glittering handpiece for the ultimate in Gulf bridal chic. Salem Elshueibi Jewellery. Price available on request

2 Devji Aurum

What could be more bespoke than a waterfall of diamonds cleverly suspended so that each gem appears to float over the skin in celebration of its own unique brilliance? A work of art, the set includes a necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring. It also features knife-edge settings – the mastery that adds the upscale wedding wow factor. Devji Aurum. Price available on request

3 Mahallati Jewellery

Diamonds steal the show every time. Taking notes from the Arab world’s cultural legacy to produce heart-stopping designs guaranteed to light up the room, this 180-gram necklace (left and top right) may be lightweight, but it makes a style statement like nothing else. Handcrafted by veteran gem artisans, don’t stop at one piece; add some emerald, ruby or sapphire bravura for a full set for every occasion. Mahallati Jewellery. Price available on request

4 Renée Jewellers

When quality is incomparable, a stunningly simple design says it all. Case in point, this multi-strand 60-carat diamond and white gold necklace has an understated ease. Rumour has it that today’s switched-on young bride is all about the digits. So, pair it with an in-vogue, pear-shaped or round-cut solitaire ring and shine on. Renée Jewellers. Price available on request​

5 Damas

Step into a world of colour with a daring yellow and classic diamond set that fuses an Indian and contemporary aesthetic. Alternatively, choose a bold diamond necklace accented with 63 carats of Brazilian and Colombian emeralds. For a true appreciation of Mother Nature in all her glory, opt for Orana Japanese natural pearls, where a single lustrous orb takes three years to form. Damas. Elizabeth Coulton collection diamond and emerald necklace, AED637,000

6 Hazoorilal Legacy

True beauty lies in the smallest detail. Make a regal statement with a Chandbali inspired 22-karat gold necklace that boasts 70 carats of uncut diamonds, exquisite accents of pearl and turquoise custom enamel detailing. An heirloom-in-waiting, there’s a final surprise on the flip side, with an intricate floral enamel motif. Hazoorilal Legacy. Necklace and earrings set, AED250,000

7 Nsouli

When your jewellery designer and manufacturer are specialists in large solitaire diamonds, you know to expect something extraordinary. A 30-carat LVS2 diamond necklace certainly commands attention while sophisticated socialites are bringing tiaras back on trend. Nsouli. Diamond necklace, AED5,000,000.

8 Al Nahar

Over the centuries, chokers have fallen in and out of favour. Today’s style-setting brides are choosing one-of-a-kind pieces like this South Sea pearl and Sicilian coral combination. The yellow and white gold setting and 18 carats of diamonds add a subtle backlit luminescence, elevating the other gems to create an iconic necklace you won’t see anywhere else. Al Nahar. Necklace, ring and earring set, AED150,000


9 24k The Jewel Boutique

A symbol of fortune and prosperity and a traditional wedding accessory for Indian brides, a gold bangle is believed by many to channel positive energy. Whatever the back story, two is the perfect number, and the combination of 22- or 24-karat gold, 17.9 carats of uncut diamonds, vibrant red enamel detailing and duo of inset rubies is an auspicious combination. 24k The Jewel Boutique. AED120,000 per pair

10 Joder House of Diamonds

Made in the UAE from concept to design, this four-piece wedding set pushes the boundary of contemporary design to appeal to a 21st-century bride. The open, draped necklace boasts 30 carats of diamonds featuring floral sprays and buttery yellow semi-precious pear-cut stones. Joder House of Diamonds. Necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings set, AED80,000


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