Schools & Child Care Show

Schools & Child Care Show

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Organised By: Groovy Events Management

​Turning the spotlight once again on the multi-billion dollar education industry, the Schools and Childcare Show returns with its third edition. This unique event brings together private and international schools, preschools, nurseries and educational institutions in one space – helping parents browse options and prepare for their child's future.

Bridging the gap between parents and academic services, the 2019 edition will provide easy access to extensive information and expert guidance. The show will host exhibitors from the world of education and child development, covering wide-ranging topics such as admission processes, curriculum, extracurricular clubs, opportunities to study abroad, educational banking and more. Visitors will also enjoy access to in-depth panel discussions, where teachers and education experts will discuss topics that are of real concern to parents today.

The upcoming show is expected to cover the A to Z of education – extending beyond academics to topics such as financing via banks and insurance companies. The event will help simplify the search for parents who feel daunted by the overwhelming options in the region. For exhibitors, it's an unparalleled setting to build awareness, showcase comparative advantages and engage their audience face-to-face.

The 2018 edition wrote a new chapter in the region's education sector, with 81% of visitors expressing satisfaction with the show. The event was not just a hit with the grown-ups, but also with the little ones. Children were given the opportunity to display their talents at special workshops, have fun in the Play Area, and free their imagination in the robotics and science activity zones.

Whether you're a parent concerned about your child's future, or an educator aiming to mould it, the Schools and Childcare Show has everything you need.​​