Schools & Child Care Show

Schools & Child Care Show

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Organised By: Groovy Events Management

Schools & Childcare Show is an annual one-stop-shop education event that draws together private schools, international schools, preschools, nurseries and educational institutions. It is organised by Groovy Events in knowledge partnership with Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and international partnership with Anderson Education. The Dubai Schools and Childcare Show follows the success of its Bahrain editions, the Bahrain Schools Expo, which took place in 2015 and 2016.

The show puts together participants from Dubai, the wider Emirates and reputable international entities to present their education systems, curricula, facilities, costs, and advantages. It gives parents and education professionals the opportunity to stop at the exhibition stands, gather information and select the best education system for their child.

Groovy Events have identified a clear demand in the market for a large-scale event of this type to focus on the educational needs of children and assist parents in making one of the most important decisions in their child’s early life. Deciding on the most appropriate school, nursery or educational facility is a decision which will impact a child’s entire future. In the UAE there are so many choices making it increasingly important for parents to gather as much information as possible when considering the best options available.This event will bring together the largest range of schools, nurseries and academic institutions to provide parents in the UAE with the information needed to make an informed and measured decision on their child’s future education choices.​