Pakistan Property Show

Pakistan Property Show

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Organised By: Zameen Media Pvt. Ltd

​​​​​Pakistan Property Show by is the international version of Zameen Expo, which is the biggest property event in Pakistan. Held across the three largest cities – Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad – multiple times a year, these crowd-pullers are aimed at families and include everything from homes and investment opportunities to home financing options and fixtures and fittings. In Dubai, the show brings powerful projects together for the ease and comfort of the Pakistani expats for whom the UAE is home. The event will also offer insights into the real estate market from key players, details of upcoming projects from around Pakistan, and a great opportunity for direct buyer-seller interaction. is globally renowned among the Pakistani diaspora for providing high-quality real estate options online, and Pakistan Property Show by is a trailblazing effort towards bringing this treasure trove of property options to their doorsteps. 

The UAE is host to over a million Pakistani expatriates who are actively interested in real estate back home, and Pakistan Property Show by is the perfect chance for them to explore Pakistan’s finest property options directly.