Microsoft Ignite The Tour FY 2019

Microsoft Ignite The Tour FY 2019

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Organised By: Microsoft Gulf

​Software giant Microsoft has become an integral and familiar part of modern society. From schools to workplaces, homes to on-the-go devices, its products empower much of the digital world we now live in. Always keen to fully involve itself with its users, for over 25 years the company has hosted annual events for developers and IT professionals. The latest edition of Microsoft Ignite will be hosted at Dubai World Trade Centre in March 2019.

Taking place over two days, Microsoft Ignite features a vibrant mix of networking events, product theatres, attendee hangouts, user groups, meetups and more. Altogether more than 100 activities will take place, in a lively and collaborative environment designed to blend community-building with hands-on learning. Among the most compelling reasons to attend is the presence of over 350 Microsoft experts, personally on-hand to advise, coach, solve and inspire.
While Microsoft Ignite is likely to appeal to almost any organisation or tech professional, the 2019 edition particularly suits those looking to gain practical insight, deep training and best practice knowledge into the future of cloud development, data, IT and business intelligence.