Heartfulness Dhyanotsav Wellness Fest

Heartfulness Dhyanotsav Wellness Fest

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Organised By: Sahaj Marq Spirituality Foundation

Heartfulness meditation is a set of practices aimed at self-development and finding inner calm in this extremely fast-paced world. With its presence in 150 countries, this practice focuses on heart based meditation and seeks to bring balance and congruence between the heart and mind. This is done through deep self-awareness, in turn promoting stillness and peace from within, leading to harmony and tolerance with others.

Organised by the Heartfulness Associaciation, an organization promoting wellness and yoga in the UAE for 15 years, this festival will demonstrate the correlation between meditation and health. It will also feature guest speakers from various walks of life including experienced meditators, medical practitioners and dignitaries.

The festival is supported by the Indian Consulate in Dubai and is free to attend event. Find out more by visiting www.heartfulness.org