Future Blockchain Summit

Future Blockchain Summit

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Trade Only

Organised By: Dubai World trade Centre

​​​​Dubai is all set to demystify Blockchain technology and pronounce itself the Blockchain capital of the world, as it holds the world’s first city-hosted Future Blockchain Summit in May 2018. This secure, transparent, efficient technology is swiftly changing the landscape of commerce around the globe, and is where it’s potential for business, governance, industries and start-ups will be revealed.

This two-day event will see international stalwarts of the industry descending upon the city and laying the foundation to create, exchange and build - for what is now acclaimed as the future of trade and finance.

Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger, Linux Foundation; Maja Vujinovic, Chief Innovation Officer, General Electric; and Chris Ballinger, CFO and Head of Mobility Services, Toyota Research Institute, will be among the 60+ elite speakers.

With its mandate to deliver a city powered by Blockchain by 2020, official host Smart Dubai Office will welcome global tech visionaries, government policy-makers, business leaders and pioneers to share their experiences and forge international alliances at this event. It will serve as the focal point for global dialogue and will act as an experiential showcase of the far-reaching progress, opportunities and impact of Blockchain.

The event is projected to attract 100+ exhibitors, 1,500 attendees and 9,000 visitors, who will be privy to the inroads this technology has made in varying sectors, including Healthcare, Urban planning and Real Estate, Retail and Digital Commerce, Fintech and Banking as well as Tourism and Transport Energy.

With a wide variety of learning formats and networking opportunities for international and regional delegates from key industries, this is the definitive Blockchain event for this year.