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Carpet Oasis

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Organised By: Dubai Customs

​A unique annual bonanza which now draws in thousands of tourists and visitors from all around the world to Dubai, the Carpet and Art Oasis was first launched in 1996 as one of the main, long-running attractions of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DFS). It offers a treasure trove of exquisite and priceless carpets, with traders from all over the world, offering good value on a comprehensive range of handmade floor coverings.

From a tiny carpet outlet to one of the world’s largest exhibitions of hand-woven mats, the Carpet and Art Oasis is gaining grandeur year after year whether in terms of exhibition space, the level of participation, or the nature of displayed items, giving a great boost to Dubai’s trading sector.

It brings on display thousands of handcrafted silk carpets from around the world, including some finest products from Iran, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. Carpet Oasis also offers a large collection of antique souvenirs.

The 22nd edition of the Carpet and Art Oasis is set to be exceptional in terms of exhibition space, with an increase of 20% taking it to 8,000 square meters.

Over the years, the Carpet and Art Oasis exhibition has contributed in making Dubai re-export and marketing hub for carpet manufacturers and traders around the globe, with unbeatable prices that are even lower than those in the manufacturers countries of origin.