Awakening Harmony and Happiness

Awakening Harmony and Happiness

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Organised By: Radicle Roots Events Management

​​​​​​India's most sought-after and world-renowned inspirational speaker, Sister Shivani will be speaking at Dubai World Trade Centre at a unique event being held for the first time, as part of an international tour promoting harmony and happiness in all areas of daily life.

Sister Shivani has led seminars and lectures around the world including the US, the UK, Canada and recently in Australia. The global nature of social media has paved the way for her to reach out to more than 91 million viewers through her YouTube channel and she has gained a loyal viewership through her regular television show in India, as well as being one of Amazon's best-selling authors today.

Organised by Roots Events, under the initiative of Raja Yoga Center and supported by the Consulate General of India, 'Awakening Harmony and Happiness' is a free-to-attend event, with the aim of sharing knowledge around the themes of peace, unity, happiness and joy.​​