UITP Middle East & North Africa Transport Congress & Exhibition 2020

UITP Middle East & North Africa Transport Congress & Exhibition 2020

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Automotive and Transport



Organised By: International Association of Public Transport (UITP)

As the MENA region continues to grow, urban transport and mobility has emerged as a key success factor, one that impacts all other sectors of the economy. It is both an opportunity and a challenge. For example, the region’s heavy dependence on cars, lack of standard policies and regulations, and low capacity for private sector support all create barriers. But at the same time, many countries are developing ambitious plans and pushing innovative solutions for their cities and towns.

Against this backdrop, the UITP MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition is a vital forum for creating enduring, robust and dynamic solutions. As a passionate champion of sustainable urban mobility, UITP is internationally recognised for its work advancing this critical agenda. It is the only worldwide network that brings together not only all public transport stakeholders, but also all sustainable transport modes.

Each edition of its MENA Congress adopts a specific theme in order to compile the latest innovative thinking, and catalyse global co-operation, debate and exchange.

For 2020, this theme is ‘Building the Future of Mobility’. Embracing numerous aspects such as AI, autonomous vehicles, Mobility-as-a-Service, clean buses, non-motorised travel and more, this forward-looking theme has been deliberately chosen to push boundaries and inspire genuine advances in sustainable transportation across the region’s cities.

The Congress is held every two years, and attracts a global audience that includes policy makers, institutions and private sector innovators.