2020 BICSI Middle East & Africa Conference & Exhibition

2020 BICSI Middle East & Africa Conference & Exhibition

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Organised By: The Building Industry Consulting Service International - BICSI

As an industry and profession, ICT continues to outperform many others in terms of growth. The current boom, which can trace its origins back to the first dotcom wave of the 1990s, shows few signs of slowing. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example, predicts above-average job growth will continue over the coming years in most regions, and – in the Middle East – the UAE is now the most attractive ICT market, according to a 2019 Fitch Solutions report.

In this context, a global professional association such as BICSI is vital, and events such as its annual EMEA Conference and Exhibition are essential – both for those already working in ICT field, and for those considering it.

BICSI’s event has a simple premise: to take advantage of this growth, individuals and organisations need to stay ahead of changing technologies and their implications. For example, the increased adoption of cloud computing and cybersecurity is leading to significant opportunities, as are innovations in technologies for healthcare IT, mobile networking and data management.

The event therefore provides a key source of information, education and knowledge assessment for the constantly evolving ICT community. A comprehensive range of seminars, courses, presentations, networking events and demonstrations is provided over its three day run.