Dubai Association Conference

Dubai Association Conference

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Organised By: Dubai Association Center LLC


Dubai Association Centre (DAC), jointly launched in 2014 by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and Dubai World Trade Centre, is dedicated to supporting and protecting the interests of regional and global associations that operate in Dubai. DAC is a gateway to the world’s fastest growing economies — offering an ideal setting for global associations to expand within industries across the Middle East and beyond. As a result, associations are now able to benefit from economies of scale, experience in the association marketplace, flexibility and adaptability, buying power and centralised facilities of the Dubai Association Centre.
Held this year on the 9th-10th of December, the objective of the Dubai Association Conference is to become a platform for dialogue and education for associations interested in exploring opportunities in the Middle East Region and to ultimately contribute to building an association community that drives the knowledge economy in the United Arab Emirates and the wider Arabian.
Following the success of the first Dubai Association Conference in December 2017, one of the core concerns named by associations and speakers at the Conference (and in association conferences worldwide) is to gain new insights and knowledge on the impact and the true value that is generated by associations through their main activities. Under the theme of “Driving Change: The societal impacts of associations”, Dubai Association Conference will explore how the association sector can develop a cohesive and systematic approach to creating large-scale impact.